Hand Massager

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Hand Massager

Original price was: €173.00.Current price is: €114.99.

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Let your hands relax after a long day! Get rid of hand pain with the Ortorex Electric Massager!

The ORTOREX™ Electric Hand Massager helps release tension from the muscles and boosts blood circulation with heat compression. This device greatly treats carpal tunnel syndrome and provides relief from pain caused by arthritis. Moreover, it’s good not only for stiff and sore hands but also for overall relaxation.

If you use our massager daily, you will quickly notice a better appearance of your hands and less frequent pains.

The benefits of using the ORTOREX™ Electric Hand Massager:

  • Soothes the hands and fingers from the top to the bottom
  • Stimulates the muscles comfortably
  • Effectively relieves carpal tunnel and finger tension
  • Eases soreness and tired hands

Our electric hand massager adopts air pressure and warm compress massage technology. It applies a professional massage experience to generate a soothing rhythm to accurately imitate reflexology-like kneading to the acupressure points. Kneading your fingers and palm simultaneously provides real hand massage feelings as in the salon. There are 3 intensity levels for you to choose the appropriate one. What is more, there are also 2 heating levels to select according to your individual needs and preferences. It will automatically stop massaging after preset 5, 10, or 15 minutes of use.

How to use:

Using our hand massager is easy and won’t cause any trouble for you. Firstly, put your palm in the center of the machine. Then, press the power button and choose a male/female mode. Choose the intensity level (gentle, soothing, strong). If you want to make your massage even more relaxing, press the heating function button and adjust the appropriate temperature. After you’re done, simply turn the machine off.


✔️ PROVIDES PAIN RELIEF & COMPRESSION THERAPY – This machine takes care of every part of your hands. It helps stimulate the muscles comfortably and effectively helps relieve carpal tunnel and finger tension.

✔️ PREVENTS DRYNESS & DEHYDRATION – The Ortorex massager provides soothing heat with deep-infrared energy. It will keep your hands moist and warm and cure soreness.

✔️ CORDLESS & LIGHTWEIGHT – Thanks to the cordless and lightweight design, you can take our hand massager with you wherever you go! You can easily take it with you to your office or while traveling to enjoy relaxation.


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  1. U****y (verified buyer)


    The swelling in my hands has considerably gone down. I’m now able to get my rings on with ease. I can make a fist again without pain! Recommend!

  2. I*****y (verified buyer)


    Works great. I love that I can make it stronger or weaker according to my pain needs. Heats up well. If you want a good massage, you’ll love this.

  3. C****e (verified buyer)


    Purchased this hand massager after trying something similar at the spa. The parcel came fast. It’s a good added therapy at home. I use it to help alleviate the pain and discomfort I feel in my hands. Very helpful.

  4. T****a (verified buyer)


    I have fibromyalgia and this product helps with some of the issues I have with my hands. They feel like they’ve been through a deep tissue massage after using this product. Less pain and I feel like I can grip things better. Great investment.

  5. K*****n (verified buyer)


    I like everything about this machine, from its design to its performance. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from hand pain of any kind. I have experienced a marked decrease in pain and inflammation. Highly recommend.

  6. V*****n (verified buyer)


    Gave this to my mom. If you have problems with your hands, this hand massager is your best choice. Worth buying.

  7. B******n (verified buyer)


    My mom asked me to buy this massager for her, I was skeptical at first but seeing how much it helps her just warms my heart. She has arthritic hands and this machine is perfect for that. It does a great job of massaging and is helping ease the inflammation. I tried it too and it felt very relaxing. Thanks!

  8. N***y (verified buyer)


    This hand massager has become a heaven on earth for me! The tension that is relieved from my hands is amazing. I love the low heat it adds into the massage, and the 3 levels of density. I highly recommend buying it, believe me, you won’t be disappointed!!

  9. M*****a (verified buyer)


    This is the perfect hand massager. I used it for a couple of days, and it relieves my finger pain a lot! It also warms my finger and wrist with heat therapy. It was quite simple to figure out how it works. Thanks!

  10. E*****n (verified buyer)


    This massager works even better than I’d hoped. Love it for helping with my arthritis issues. It feels like a warm hand massage and it is actually very relaxing. It takes some time to heat but it’s fine. Overall, a great product for this money.