Smart Anti-Snoring Device Snore Stopper



Smart Anti-Snoring Device Snore Stopper


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Combat snoring and sleep better!

The Ortorex Snore Stopper is an effective way to reduce and prevent snoring as you sleep. Doing that, it also positively influences sleep quality. As a result, our device decreases daytime fatigue and headaches, increases energy, and improves overall well-being.

Sleep improvement
Snoring causes various problems, including sleep apnea and sleep interruption. Stopping snoring, our device helps you to enter deep sleep stages, which is essential for feeling rested and staying healthy.
Comfortable construction
Our snore stopper has an ergonomic design that allows it to rest cozily under your chin. It is suitable for any sleeping position and doesn’t wake you up while working. In addition, our device is made of hypoallergenic materials and doesn’t cause skin reactions after night.
Snoring relief
The Ortorex Anti-Snoring Device features TENS technology that emits micro impulses to your hypoglossal nerves when you snore. This guides the muscle around the throat to tighten and open up the airway to make you breathe smoothly and quietly.
Intelligent control

Our smart chip automatically and accurately detects snoring through high-precision sensors.

Adjustable Gear

Control the intensity of the massage and see its current mode by the count of blue lights.

Customizable size

The Ortorex Snore Stopper features a retaining ring that can be adjusted to fit different head sizes.

More reasons to love our device
Safe to Use
1.9x0.7x0.4 inch (5x2x1.2 cm)
0.03 lbs (13.7 g)
Rated voltage:
Pressure range:
4-20 cmH2O
Battery capacity:
1800 mAh
Power supply:
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  1. A***a (verified buyer)


    Works for me. I feel much better in the mornings after I started using this device. I’ve only been using it for two days but I can clearly see the difference in my overall well-being. Would recommend if snoring is a problem for you

  2. D**a (verified buyer)


    My husband snores like crazy and I am the lightest sleeper. It makes it really hard for us to fall asleep simultaneously. He can fall asleep in about 10 seconds and it takes me like 30 minutes. For this reason, I am always looking for something to prevent him from snoring or make it so he is snoring much quieter. This device met our expectations! It’s not only reducing snoring but is also adjustable.

  3. T****r (verified buyer)


    Decent quality. It maintains a charge for at least three nights of 8-hour sleep and takes about an hour to charge fully. Doesn’t cause any discomfort while sleeping and stays in place for the whole night

  4. P****a (verified buyer)


    Super easy to use and very effective! You put the strap over each ear and the device is under your chin just in front of your throat. You hold the button for two seconds to turn it on. You can adjust the intensity from one to six. When your mouth starts to open there is a little electrical pulse that causes our mouth to close and then the device massages or vibrates your throat.

  5. T**e (verified buyer)


    This snore stopper does what it’s supposed to. While I fall asleep, I notice the little electrical pulse that’s a bit annoying but doesn’t disturb me much. Once I fall asleep, I never really notice the device. My throat doesn’t hurt in the morning anymore and I feel well rested and ready to take on the day. Would recommend it

  6. R**e (verified buyer)


    Much different that other anti-snoring devices I’ve tried. Fits comfortably on your chin and actually does a pretty decent job! Snoring was down quite a bit as opposed to not wearing it.

  7. O****e (verified buyer)


    This device automatically detects the sound of snoring and sleep apnea and then starts a massage on your throat muscles, making you breathe better. I’ve only been using it for a short time and I can already feel the difference. My wife tells me that my snoring and nighttime noise have subsided. She can now sleep better and is grateful for the great quality of this device

  8. A***r (verified buyer)


    Wow! I can definitely say it works for me cause I no longer have a sore throat in the morning. Great thing

  9. G***e (verified buyer)


    Have never seen such a thing, so was super excited to try it. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. It is easy to use and functions well. The quality is good for the price

  10. M***y (verified buyer)


    Absolutely worth every penny. I bought this device for my husband cause he’s such a loud sleeper. He always distracts me from my sleep, we’ve tried EVERYTHING, but nothing worked for us. Until now. This device was God sent to us. He hardly snores now and I can finally get some sleep. Thanks!!