Sleeping Silent Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction

Original price was: €38.00.Current price is: €24.98.


Sleeping Silent Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction

Original price was: €38.00.Current price is: €24.98.

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Enjoy absolute silence while you sleep. Get the rest you need to cope with the day ahead!

Introducing the Ortorex Sleeping Ear Plugs — the ultimate solution for noise reduction while you sleep. These ear plugs are designed to block out unwanted noise, allowing you to get a peaceful and uninterrupted night's sleep. Made with soft, comfortable and hypoallergenic materials, these ear plugs will mold to the shape of your ear for a secure fit. The advanced noise-blocking technology ensures maximum noise reduction. Whether you live in a noisy city or share a room with a snorer, these ear plugs will help you get the restful sleep you need and wake up refreshed and energized. Get the restful sleep you deserve with Ortorex Ear Plugs.

Safe to use
Made with hypoallergenic materials, these sleep buds are safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
Improved sleep quality
These earplugs help you get peaceful and uninterrupted sleep, leading to improved sleep quality and overall health.
These earplugs are made of long-lasting materials and can be used repeatedly for extended periods of time.
Adjustable fit

Ortorex ear plugs fill the ear canal for maximum noise cancelation and comfort.

Efficient noise reduction

Ortorex earbuds block up to 95% of background noise.


These earplugs are versatile and can be used for various situations where noise reduction is needed, like studying, working, or traveling.

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Premium Materials
Ergonomic Design
Easy To Use
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  1. T****a (verified buyer)


    When I first saw these, I thought they would go too deep into the ear and stay there. But no, these work so well and are so easy to put in and out. They shape well to your ear. They block out so much noise! These have been really good for me.

  2. C***e (verified buyer)


    I love these earplugs. I use them for sleeping. Comfortable and stay in place and do not pop out like other earplugs.

  3. P***y (verified buyer)


    All other ear plugs fall off or hurt, but finally this one firs and stays put! Love that they’re custom fit. Would definitely recommend!

  4. H****y (verified buyer)


    I can’t use foam earplugs as they make my ears itchy. These are the perfect solution! Comfortable to wear, these little ear plugs help me sleep through my husband’s snoring.

  5. K**e (verified buyer)


    Nice and sticky. Fit well in my small ears. Blocks out my partner’s snoring.

  6. L**a (verified buyer)


    So far I am a big fan of these. They are super comfy to sleep in and don’t fall out. I will never go back to the old foam ones that stick in the ear. So happy I bought these!

  7. C****n (verified buyer)


    These shapable ear plugs are excellent for my sleep. I no longer hear the neighbor dogs bark. These earplugs are easy to use and can be removed easily when waking.

  8. S*****l (verified buyer)


    These ear plugs are soft, pliable, and easy to work with. They make a perfect form of the outer ear canal and part of the outer ear. 5 stars.

  9. B***e (verified buyer)


    My wife is a snorer and will keep me awake all night if I don’t have an effective ear plug set in. I’ve tried many. These ones seem to be the only ones to help me. After rolling them into two little balls, you force them into your ears, forcing them up (just a bit) into your ear canals. Great, excellent soundproof performance!

  10. M***a (verified buyer)


    These earplugs are a little stiff but pliable, which will help them stay in. They seem to come out easily also. Nice sound canceling!