Sleep Earplugs Noise Canceling Earbuds

Original price was: €70.00.Current price is: €34.99.


Sleep Earplugs Noise Canceling Earbuds

Original price was: €70.00.Current price is: €34.99.

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Improve your sleep using the power of sound

The Ortorex Wireless Earplugs help you fall asleep faster and enter deep sleep stages. They adopt a special shape, which makes them convenient to use while sleeping. They also allow you to listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or binaural beats. It has been scientifically proven that binaural beats alter your brain wave activity and, as a result, reduce stress and anxiety to achieve a fast doze-off.

Easy to operate
The Ortorex Sleep Earplugs are user-friendly. Just put them into your ears, connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and click the play button.
Sleep improvement
Forming an acoustic seal, our earplugs effectively block outside noises that can disturb your sleep. Improving the slumber quality and duration, our earplugs also relax your mind and body. As a result, our device allows for reducing post-sleep tiredness and headaches and boosting morning energy and well-being.
Comfortable use
Our earplugs snugly fit all ear sizes and don’t cause inner ear pressure. They also don’t fall off, no matter what your sleeping position is.
Suitable for daily wear

Our sleep device can act as usual earplugs while working out, walking, or engaging in other activities.

Compact design

The small size of our device and the charging box can easily fit in your pocket.

High-quality sound

The built-in drivers with triple-layer composite diaphragms deliver powerful sound with crisp treble, smooth mids, and deep bass.

More reasons to love our earplugs
Safe to Use
IPX-5 Waterproof
0.55x0.39 inch (14x10 mm)
Speaker diameter:
0.24 inch (6 mm)
(3.7 g)
Earplugs battery capacity:
30 mAh
Box battery capacity:
300 mAh
Power supply:
Type-C USB
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  1. T****e (verified buyer)


    Bought these earplugs-earbuds and was pleasantly surprised. They block out sounds such as my snoring spouse and traffic noise that often kept me up at night, and interfered with my sleep. Not only these are affordable, but the design is also comfortable, so they don’t fall out

  2. S***r (verified buyer)


    These earbuds totally exceeded my expectations!! They’re so small and lightweight that I don’t feel them in the ears but they do a good job of diminishing outside noise. Very comfortable too sleep with them in. I also used them outside and they’re great for that too! Excellent purchase!

  3. M***a (verified buyer)


    Easy to place and remove from the ear! These earbuds block just enough noise that you can still hear what is going on. Absolutely worth it

  4. L****r (verified buyer)


    These earplugs are great. My fiancé snores really loud and these help me sleep so much better! They really cancel out a lot of the noise.

  5. V****e (verified buyer)


    I have tried a lot of ear plugs. Most fall out or leave an unpleasant suction feeling in the ear. These are the first pair to actually stay in all night.

  6. P***y (verified buyer)


    I am a light sleeper, my husband is a deep noisy sleeper. I’ve never been able to use normal earplugs (can never get them to fit right or stay in throughout the night) so I was so happy to find these! They work excellent at blocking out the snoring. Grateful to have found these, will definitely buy them again in the future if needed!

  7. D***o (verified buyer)


    Used it when I was getting ready for bed and I was able to sleep quicker than without these! I’m very sensitive with noise so these really helped me. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends too!

  8. N**a (verified buyer)


    I bought these because I am neurodivergent and I need complete quiet in order to sleep. These are perfect. They stay in my ear all night! They’re comfortable when I lay down and block out the perfect amount of sound. I highly recommend.

  9. M*****a (verified buyer)


    Nice to finally have a pair of earplugs that I can re-use in different settings. Studying, loud concert (ear protection), transportation and walking around the city. Helps me protect my hearing and avoid overstimulation. Comfortable, decent noise cancellation.

  10. K**e (verified buyer)


    I bought this as a last resort to be able to sleep next to my partner every night. I have tried everything and nothing has worked at all. Let me start by saying that I slept last night! These drown about 80% of the sound, which is better than my regular headphones and even AirPods. They’re comfortable for side sleepers. Great quality!