Ketone Breath Meter for Ketogenic Diet

Original price was: €60.00.Current price is: €39.98.


Ketone Breath Meter for Ketogenic Diet

Original price was: €60.00.Current price is: €39.98.

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Get reliable ketone results in just one breath!

Deciding to go ketogenic is not just a decision to go on a diet. It can be a lifestyle change. If you want to ensure you are doing it correctly, use the Ketone Breath Meter for Ketogenic Diet to gauge whether or not your body is responding to the diet and stay on top of your physical and weight loss goals.

Ketosis is a metabolic process that occurs when the body begins to burn fat for energy as it does not have sufficient carbs to burn. During this process, the liver produces chemicals called ketones. This tester is designed for accurate measuring of your ketone level. It measures ketosis just by blowing into the instrument. The Ketone Breath Meter is ideal for everyone who’s looking for a quick, easy and reliable way to test the ketone level.

Single button operation makes the device simple to use, even for first timers. Simply press the power button and begin ketone testing in just seconds. The testing result will be displayed on the screen with one of three LED indications. Reading of o.o with green light signifies you are not in ketosis state (blister “N”), 0.01 readings with orange light indicate that you’re in light state of ketosis), and the readings over 0.01 with red light signify you’re in medium or higher ketone zone (blister “Y”). The ketone meter goes with 4 spare mouthpieces to replace and keep the testing practical and hygienic to test your friends and family. There is no need for inconvenient blood or urine tests. The accurate results are ready in just 10 seconds.

✔️  HIGHLY ACCURATE – Far more accurate method than ketone strips testing.

✔️  EASY TO USE – Just one breath and in 10 seconds you get the results.

✔️  COMPACT & PORTABLE – A simple method for analysis of ketone concentration at anytime and anywhere.


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  1. R**v (verified buyer)


    Ordered 2 pieces came quite quickly. The devices work and measure quite accurately. Immediately after a mug of drunk quasi shows 1.9 millet in 5 minutes 0.1 millet and in 10 minutes zero that should be. Later I will add a review after drinking

  2. J**n (verified buyer)


    Tested and confirmed that works. Tested on me, my wife and my son. Resulted in ketosis for me and not-ketosis for them, as it should be

  3. M***d (verified buyer)


    This is my first ketone meter and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. So far it works well

  4. L***n (verified buyer)


    It is small, so easy to store in the car, and is easy to use.

  5. John (verified buyer)


    Very good.

  6. N**y (verified buyer)


    If you drink regularly, it is really a must-have.