Baby Wipe Warmer

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Baby Wipe Warmer

Original price was: €78.98.Current price is: €39.98.

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Make your baby clean and fresh with no stress and irritation!

The ORTOREX™ wipe warmer for babies is the perfect solution for cleaning your child. With our product, you don’t have to worry about causing discomfort to your baby’s sensitive skin with cold wipes. Our warmer is used to take care of exposed disposable wet wipes to maintain their humidity level while keeping them warm. It provides the ideal storage and warming conditions for the baby’s wipes. Moreover, it keeps them fresh and moist without overheating or drying them out. It is an efficient cleaning accessory for all caring parents who do not want to hurt their little ones.

Benefits of using the ORTOREX™ wipe warmer:

  • Prevents diaper rash and other skin problems caused by cold wipes
  • Does not cause allergies and irritation
  • Calms your baby down
  • Keeps the wipes fresh, moist, and ready for use
  • Prevents the wipes from drying out
  • Does not overheat
  • Helps avoid cross-contamination of germs

The ORTOREX™ wipe warmer is also an excellent option for traveling. Our product has a compact design and can be easily put in a bag. Plus, it comes with a USB cable that you can plug even in your car.

Cold wipes can be very harmful to your baby’s skin, especially if used for a long time. Luckily, our warmer for wipes helps avoid this problem by keeping the wipes at a safe, warm temperature. The top heating plate is designed to heat the wipes from top to bottom. It keeps them warm at the top while preventing them from drying at the bottom. Moreover, you can adjust the temperature between 40°C/104°F and 60°C/140°F, depending on the weather and temperature conditions. The colder it is, the warmer the wipes should be.

The ORTOREX™ wipe warmer comprises three layers of 100% safe and durable materials. What is more, there is a built-in thermal protector and an automatic shut-off function to prevent overheating. It will automatically turn off if the temperature is too hot, saving you from unwanted accidents. Additionally, it has a large capacity case to store up to 120 wet wipes of different sizes.


✔️ GIVES YOUR BABY FRESHNESS & COMFORT — Our wipe warmer provides an innovative and gentle way to keep your baby’s bottom fresh and dry. The wipes stored in the ORTOREX™ warmer can effectively remove all dirt off your baby’s body and keep it clean.

✔️ DOES NOT CAUSE IRRITATION — Our product maintains the perfect temperature for wipes that will not cause irritation or allergies when coming in contact with the baby’s sensitive skin.

✔️ CALMS THE BABY DOWN — The correctly heated wipes will soothe and pacify your baby without causing stress or panic, especially when changing diapers late at night.

✔️ HELPS AVOID BACTERIA FORMATION — Our warmer comes with a plastic cover that allows you to store used wipes without worrying about them drying up or being exposed to germs, which is especially important for newborns with sensitive skin.

✔️ KEEPS WIPES FRESH FOR LONGER — By creating and preserving the comfortable moisture level of the wipes, our warmer allows you to use them for a longer time instead of tossing out partially used packs.

✔️ ADJUSTABLE HEATING MODES — The ORTOREX™ wipe warmer offers adjustable modes suitable for different temperatures depending on your baby’s needs and the current outside temperature conditions.

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  1. B***a (verified buyer)


    Best thing ever! No more cold startles and upset babies. Every mommy needs this thing!

  2. J****n (verified buyer)


    The warmer arrived really fast. So far my newborn doesn’t freak out when we clean his butt. We’re happy with it!!

  3. U***a (verified buyer)


    Does exactly what it is supposed to do! My newborn prefers when we use wipes from the warmer. Highly recommend!

  4. P****e (verified buyer)


    I don’t have enough words to say how this warmer has helped me! I used to think wipe warmers were pointless but my daughter would always cry during bum changes until we started to use warm wipes. A game-changer!!!

  5. L*****e (verified buyer)


    My baby boy used to scream and pee when we changed diapers because of the cold wipes. But after I decided to buy this warmer, he calms down a lot as wipes are warmer than room temperature. Worth it.

  6. E***y (verified buyer)


    I was hesitant to get a wipe warmer due to so many people telling me they dry out the wipes or don’t work. My friend told me to try this one, and I was truly surprised. It works great! Wipes are warm and never dry out! Great invention!!!

  7. D****e (verified buyer)


    Great product. The wipes are nice and warm. Very easy to use. Nothing I don’t like about it. Thanks for inventing this thing!

  8. W****e (verified buyer)


    This warmer maintains the perfect temp and does not dry out like other warmers. I am amazed at the quality. I also love the design, super cute and exactly what a baby would like! Works great so far.

  9. P*****e (verified buyer)


    This is one of the best things I have ever purchased for my baby!! She was really annoyed at cold wipes but after I started heating them in this wipe warmer, she’s actually ok. Made my life much easier. Highly recommend!!!

  10. C******a (verified buyer)


    This diaper wipes warmer is a must-have for all mommies. I thought it was silly to get a warmer, but it makes diaper changing a bit more comfortable for you and your baby. Nice and warm wipes every time! Very easy to use, just put the wipes in and plug it in! Love this product!